Opanasyuk Anatoliy Serhiyovuch



Head of the Department of Electronics and Computer Technology


Sumy State University
Rimsky-Korsakov St., 2
Sumy, Ukraine, UA-40007
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone:+38(0542) 33-55-39

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2009-2011: Postdoctoral Fellow, Sumy State University.

1981-1984: PhD study, Kharkiv National Technical University “KhPI”, Department of Physics of Metals and Semiconductors.

1975-1981: Physical and Technical Faculty, Kharkiv National Technical University “KhPI”, Ukraine. Speciality - “Physics of Metals”. Honours Diploma.


2011: Dr Sci. (Physics of devices, elements and systems), Sumy State University.

1986: PhD (Physical and mathematical sciences), Kharkiv National Technical University “KhPI”


Thesis: “Structural, electro-physical and optical properties of II-VI films compounds and heterosystems on their base”.


Thesis: “Obtain and investigation of cadmium telluride base layers for films photoelectrical transformers”.


2013: Professor, Department of Electronics and Computer Technology

2012-presence: Acting Head and Headof the Department of Electronics and Computer Technology

2011-2012: Associate Professor, Department of Applied Physics.

2009-2011: Postdoctoral Fellow, Sumy State University;

1994-2010: Scientific Secretary of Specialized Scientific Council for PhD and Dr. Sci. thesis defenses К.22.01.01, Д.55.051.02, К.55.051.02, Д.55.051.02.

1987-2006: Dean, later Chief of Preparatory Department, Sumy State University;

2006-2008: Acting Chief of Department of General and Experimental Physics;

1991-1994: Chief of Department of General and Experimental Physics;

1987-1991: Vice-Chief of Department of General and Experimental Physics in science, later – in education work;

1991: Associate Professor degree acquiring;

1989: Associate Professor, Department of General and Experimental Physics, Sumy State University (Ukraine);

1988: Senior Teacher;

1986: Assistant;

1985: Minor Scientific Associate.


The author of more than 300scientific-methodical works (~40 methodical works and about 100scientific articles) collective monograph andthree study guides (8 volumes).

Is the author of more then 10 popular-science articles.

Is a Scientific Chief of Masters of Science, Bachelors of Science and PhD students. 4 PhD theses were defended under his guidance:

  1. Nadija V. Tyrkusova: “Injection Spectroscopy of Deep Traps in Cadmium Telluride Films”.

  2. Volodymyr V. Kosyak: “Structure of Point Defects in Cadmium Telluride Films”.

  3. Maksym M. Kolesnyk: “Structural, Electro-physical and Optical Properties of ZnTe Films and ZnTe/CdTe Heterojunctions”.

  4. Denys I. Kurbatov: “Structural, Electro-physical and Optical Properties of ZnS Thin Films and n-ZnS/p-CdTeHeterojunctions”.

Is a specialist in investigation of structure and physical properties of II-VI semiconductor compounds and multilayer structures on their base.



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Was the executive, responsible executive and the head of the following research projects:

  1. Investigation of a multilayer photovoltaic cells based on cadmium chalcogenides with efficiency up to 10%.

  2. Development of ellipsometric methods of investigation and control of multilayer dielectric and semiconductor surfaces.

  3. Methods of calculation and control parameters of multilayer dielectric structures based on two-component compounds CdTe-HgTe.

  4. Development of control methods and mathematical software ellipsometer LEF-5.

  5. Physical properties of multilayer films in terms of mutual diffusion of elements.

  6. Investigation of electro-physical, optical, structural characteristics of thin films and multilayer structures based on A2B6 compounds and their solid solutions.

  7. Obtaining and study of CdTe films and solid solutions on its basis for the SE and radiation detectors.

  8. Investigation of structural, optical and electro-physical characteristics of the new thin-film SE buffer layers based on cadmium telluride.

  9. Using new materials of buffer and absorptive layers for cheap film polycrystalline SE based on heterojunctions.

  10. Advanced materials for low-cost high-efficiency polycrystalline heterojunction thin films solar cells.  The joint South Korea-Ukraine project

  11. Obtaining and optimization of properties of nanostructures and films of А2В6 compounds and solid solutions for optoelectronic devices, spintronics and solar power. I Ministry of Education Science of Ukraine, № 0113U000131.


Teachedcourses "Physical Foundations of Electronic Engineering”, “General Physics”, "Solid State Physics", "Quantum Mechanics", "History of Physics", "Concepts of modern science”, "The modern physical picture of the world", "Education in a changing scientific paradigm", " Advances in the science and practice", "Instrumentation", "Metrology", "Solid state electronics".


Member of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal "Journal of Nano-and Electronic Physics". Member of the Academic Council of the University and research.

Member of the Academic Council of the SSU.

Member of the Scientific Council of the SSU.

Member of the Academic Council of the ElCT Faculty SSU


Repeatedly wasawarded by diplomas SSU.

Awarded by Diploma of Education and Science of the Sumy Regional State Administration.